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We've been around since 2000 and have built up a very loyal client base. Our original aim was that if our clients websites did well then so would we and this has certainly proved true.

We are a family run business based in Deal Kent. For larger projects we have a whole team of contractors we can bring in ensuring that our clients always get the expertise they need in any given area.

We enjoy what we do but we are careful to control the size of our business ensuring that we are never overstretched and that all customer enquiries are dealt with very quickly.

Our mantra is to Keep It Simple, this strategy works very well and we do not believe a website should take ages to load due to some gimmick or feature that is not adding to the customer experience.

Service. We offer a dedicated and enthusiastic service and we spend more time on development - listening to our clients needs rather than providing what we think your website should be. This gives a highly polished end product which stands out from the crowd.

Our prices reflect the return on investment that you will make - every site we have constructed has recovered the initial design cost within the first year. We are happy to enter into a promotion contract which is paid on a results / commission basis if you prefer.

Logo Design.
We are able to provide high quality logo designs for your business and help you to define your corporate colours and image. You will be presented with a range of vibrant, and exiting image designs to choose from. See some of logo design work here.

Marketing. We have extensive experience on the Internet and we are well placed to advise you on the best marketing strategy for your web site. Different strategies apply to different types of business, and will have to factor in your capacity to handle the enquiries.

Ease of use.
The web sites we design will be optimised for fast downloading and will have been extensively tested for glitches and intuitive access. At least two people will assist with this process - we promote discussion on every site that we design to ensure the highest standards.

High Ranking.
A web site is dependent upon the web based directories and search engines for traffic. We carefully and skillfully optimise the layout of your page to get as high up in the ranking as possible. If your site is not listed within the top 30 sites for a given search it will not be looked at.

Continued Development.
We do not design a web site and ignore it like some web designers. We will monitor your web site for problems, and most importantly if you select one of our promotion packages we will continue to strategically submit it manually to the major search engines and directories and build quality links, ensuring the maximum possible exposure. We may also approach you with an idea for your web site or if it needs updating we can advise you as new techniques and technologies are developed.

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*Calls to our 0845 number cost 5p per call plus 5p per minute after the first minute, plus your your phone company's access charge. Call charges are applied per second. We are happy to call you straight back if you email us. E&OE

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